Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Push and pull

The natural resistance we all have when something is pushing into us is to push back, we do not want to go where you decide we go, we want to decide to go there on our own. In martial arts we can use this for traps, we can use this to setup arm-drags and leg-drags and sweeps and submissions alike. In the real world, maybe a more subtle game of this is played. I believe that people don't inherently want to change another person, but I do believe we subtlety attempt it. The small, why don't you try this instead of that, reassuring, friendly notion that maybe there's another way to do whatever it is you're doing.

Then there are the bigger ones which are overt and in your face. The, you're doing this wrong, do it another way. In martial arts, it's easy - I can see if someone is overtly trying to setup a trap, they're slow with it, sluggishly moving to do the same thing over and over until I fall for it (I have, I will again, I'm sure), in the real world, it's usually over something petty. Something that one person for whatever reason wants to change in you for themselves, not for you. I'm not sure where the desire of this comes from, and I'm for sure guilty of doing it myself, I'm still not in an internal agreement that I'd continue to do it if I became overt to it.

That's the crux - I'm not sure if the person who is attempting to do this is even aware that they're doing it for themselves and not for my own benefit. On top of which, I'm not even sure they're aware that they've created an issue within several others by coming to battle so hard against something that has nothing to do with them. Almost to the point where a game of it has entered my head. I'm fully aware of the misnomer this person has when attempting to correct me, they're utterly wrong in the belief that this is something I should want - because other peoples beliefs do not have to be my own, a simple truth which I have held onto for the latter part of two decades. I am me. This is who I am and I will have a beard and it will, at times, get messy when I eat foods that cause it to be messy; and now you know the heart of this story, therefore I give you my pledges.

I will never not eat runny egg sandwiches because yolks get in my beard.
I will never not eat pizza with that delicious sauce because sauce gets in my beard.
I will never not eat ice cream because ice cream gets in my mustache.

I'm sure there are others, and I'm not purely a savage - I often wipe my mouth during my meal, just not after every single bite like some perfumed dandy who can't abhor the look of the crowd while he has tomato sauce in his beard. No, I am me, and I will enjoy my food, and if me enjoying my food makes you unable to enjoy yours, I suggest you search inwardly - because, like most things in life, the problem is usually not other people and their actions, but solely the reaction you have to it.

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Push and pull