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My name is Benny, I'm a martial arts enthusiast. Voracious reader. Analytical thinker who enjoys using words to make people feel things. I love writing, boxing, mixed martial arts, brazilian jiuijitsu, hiking, coffee, and the little things in life.

It's my goal with this website to give you things to think about, spark genuine conversation, and express my opinion on the things I enjoy in the world.

I've been a fan of boxing and mma for 10+ years.
I've been a practitioner of muay thai for 10+ years.
I've been a practitioner of brazilian jiujitsu for 4 years.
I've worked as an analyst for the federal government.

I hope to inspire you, make you question things, and give you something to keep your mind occupied in a healthy way with what I write. Whether it be sports updates, opinion pieces, short stories, or random ideas in my brain.

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